Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wall Street Wolves and the Federal Reserve Conspiracy

Several people have theorized that all 1,514 people on the Titanic were killed in a deliberate effort to murder a handful of millionaires and VIPs on board the ship.   Why was it so important to kill these men?  Because they were enemies of J.P. Morgan -- powerful men hell bent on stopping J.P. Morgan's efforts to create a central bank or Federal Reserve!

Does this theory hold water?

The millionaires most often mentioned as J.P. Morgan's "enemies" are John Jacob Astor IV, Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim.  Between the three of them, they controlled more than $500 million in 1912 dollars -- a huge amount! Enough to make trouble in the upcoming 1912 election.

When one looks closely at these men, however, they all seems to be powerful allies of Morgan, not his enemies. 

In fact it would make much more sense to hypothesize that some powerful group of labor-class socialists or revolutionary anarchists who hated the Money Trust made a desperate effort to stop the Federal Reserve plan from going through Congress by deliberately sinking Titanic. 

The sinking of Titanic makes perfect sense if it was organized by a foreign intelligence agency or  revolutionary group hell bent on killing Morgan himself, gravely injuring his shipping empire and kill the key members of his team, all in one swift and fatal blow.

Indeed, it makes sense to see Morgan as the target, not as the perpetrator, since Morgan and Henry C. Frick "the most hated man in America" were both scheduled to be on board the day Titanic sailed!  It appears that, when they failed to board, the hypothetical conspirators decided to go forward with their plan anyway, because there were enough millionaires left on board to make the attack well worth while.

Who might these conspirators have been?