Sunday, April 22, 2012

James Cameron Conspiracy Theory

Please see this excellent article on James Cameron's true motives for making the 1997 movie Titanic: The James Cameron Conspiracy Theory.  

While I do not agree with every assertion made in this article, there is still much to think about here.  Is a big 3D epic disaster movie like Titanic actually a form of exploitation and public mind control?

Anyone who has seen his 1993 TV series Wild Palms knows that Cameron's long-standing interest in 3D is directly linked to his interest in mind control.  Wild Palms is all about a producer who uses an amazingly realistic form of 3D television to get inside the heads of people and manipulate their behavior.  It was made only four years before Cameron launched into Titanic.

Here's something else to consider:  The cost to rebuild the Titanic itself in 1997 dollars would have been $123 million. Cameron spent $200 million making the movie (then the most expensive film ever made).  After winning 11 Oscars, the film is now one of the biggest money-earners ever: It has grossed $1,800 million world wide.

Subtract the production expense, and that yields $1,600 million in pure profit.  Put another way: Cameron has made $1 million dollar for every one of the 1,514 men, women and children who died when Titanic sank.

Did Cameron really honor their memories?  Or did he convert their deaths into a money-making theme park?