Monday, April 23, 2012

Books and Articles by William T. Stead

A closer look at the essays and work of William T. Stead proves highly illuminating.

From them, one learns

1) That Stead, as an editor of William Astor's publications, the Pall Mall Magazine and Pall Mall Gazette, was acting largely as the mouthpiece or propaganda agent of the Astor family and their circle at Cliveden
2) These beliefs were highly nationalistic to the point of racism, specifically they assert a belief that the Anglo-Saxons are a superior race that deserves to rule the World
3) The political platform of this secretive group includes creating a "United States of Europe" which is, essentially, what happened when the European Union was formed
4) The religious beliefs of Stead and the Cliveden Set contained a liberal dose of Spiritualism, occultism, theosophy and general adherence to the overall beliefs of Synarchy or Synarchism (see post below). One may therefore speculate that there is some connection between this group and the occultists of England and France, specifically the Order of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley, who visited Cairo only a year or two before Astor's trip in 1912
5) The visit to Cairo, Egypt made by Col. J.J. Astor's Entourage, just prior to their arrival at Cherbourg, France and their departure on board the RMS Titanic, was very likely an extension of the Astor family's on-going obsession with Egypt, Egyptian religion, Egyptian excavation and Egyptian grave robbing (under the guise of an artistic interest in "artifacts").
6) The Astor family had a special interest in the pharaoh Akhenaten, and this interest is clearly reflected in two stories William Waldorf Astor caused to be published in the Pall Mall magazine (most likely read and copy edited by William T. Stead). References to those stories are included below.